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The Countdown

We’re 24 days away from our free on-line training and we fave 5 seats left open. The training is on Sunday, June 23rd from 3-4 pm. By the time we do the training we will be fresh from completing another (6 hour) training using our model with a governmental agency. We purposely piggy-backed our training at this time, after providing the training to yet another sector of the work force, a governmental agency, to continue to be able to inform and provide value to trainees who have a special interest, or opportunity, with in serving governmental teams.

Those that attend will learn . . .

  • How our decision to use a “bomb-defusing” game with a group of professionals (Head Start, Counseling, Family Support) unveiled the power of games to create a “low-risk” setting to deal with team dynamics and teach real skills.

  • That the game-training format tends to yield enthusiastic support for the learning process and avoids many of the typical defensiveness of more direct approaches (conflict resolution).

  • How the training format can prepare leaders to be ready to sustain and act to follow up on the training with actions that will promote improved team functioning and growth.

  • That providing training’s to organizations can be economically viable (not marketing opportunities or “giving back”) to allow professionals a “day away from the couch” and not lose their ability to pay their bills.

In the training we will give you an overview of the process we use, the slide presentation that includes instructions on the entire process, access to the various games we have found to be useful, and other resources.

How to Reserve Your Seat

Are you ready? Come and join us! It will cost you nothing and you may walk away inspired to use your skills and knowledge in a new, fun, and creative way.

There is a $20 reservation fee, refunded to those who attend, to prevent “no shows” and empty seats.

Want to know more?

Watch our You Tube trailer.

Email Bryan

Reserve your seat at Gumroad. A $20 fully refundable fee required —to prevent no shows.

The training doesn’t work for you but you still want to know more? Check out our website where you can Subscribe, become a part of our community, and get a free eBook in the process.

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