Ask a family business owner, “Why did your family start a business?” and somewhere in their answer you will find that they believed it would be a benefit to the family. In fact, almost all owners cite the family as one of the core reasons to go into business. 

Having worked with families for over 26 years, we understand how difficult it can be to live . . . and work . . . together. It can test the strongest relationships over time. As experts in the family, we have written Family Legacy to help supportand preserve families in business.  We hope it helps yours! As we like to say . . . we work to “strengthen families in business. We want everyone working productively together on Monday mornings and eating together happily on Saturday nights.

Enjoy Family Legacy as a gift. We like to think of it as a way our family can help yours . . . of course,  even though you can  unsudbcribpe for any reason . . . if you prefer, however, you can simply buy it on Gumroad. Or, check out our blog.