Books for Leaders

Free ebook: Leading Your Team: A framework for leading "difficult" people.

Free eBook: Family Legacy: Protecting the family in family business.

Workbook: Lessons Learned Around the World. A. Keith Miller, Maj (Ret). USAF

Sample pages: Lessons Learned Around the World.

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Articles/White Papers

Dealing with conflict?  Read HSC's paper on conflict.

Thoughts about collaboration . . . and yellow paper.

Family Business Infographic

Leading a group? Fifty years later, Tuckman's stages are still the most memorable and useful tool to understand group development. (Wikipedia Article)

An employee is rewarded with a trip to Europe.  She quits!  Video on Motivating Employees.

Infographic on Engagement. Aubrey K. Miller, Maj (Ret), USAF

Are leaders born or made?  Consultant Aubrey K. Miller gives his take here.

Decision Tree: What to do when leaders have problematic behaviors.

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Training/Consulting/Coaching: HSC has worked directly with leaders and organizations since 1998.  If you are interested in a 15-minute, no obligation, consult to talk about your needs please contact us.