We are experienced professionals that help owners and leaders with their most important resource--their people.  


Businesses leaders often think of what we do in terms of Organizational Behavior and they are correct in doing so. But unlike other business consultants, our expertise is on a deep understanding of the human systems that organizations depend on to succeed.  Whether your goal is to improve sustain your family firm, improve employee engagement, develop and support new leaders, unleash the strengths of your team, identify barriers to growth, manage conflict--or some other human system issue-- we collaborate with you to help reach your goals.  We have worked with multi-national corporations and "Mom-and-Pop" businesses, including family-based businesses, non-profits, churches, and schools.

For family businesses this means preserving and growing the family and the business. Improving the likelihood that the family will enjoy working together Monday mornings and eating together on Saturday nights. Understanding the complex nature of ownership-management-and family is critical to helping these organizations maximize their advantages and minimize any risks. 

Have a "people problem" troubling you? 

Feel free to check us out what we o (links below) or if your ready,  contact us to talk to us about your situation.

The initial consultation is free. Sometimes the initial contact is all that is needed to give the leader some direction. At other times, we can point out a good resource.  or we may suggest having an exploratory meeting to further determine if consulting is warranted.

Our exploratory meetings and also free. We want to work with organizations where there is a good fit and the probability of a successful outcome. Therefore, we invest in getting to know organizational needs prior to contracting.  What you will get in our exploratory meeting is our help in determining what would help you reach your goals.  If that is consulting, then we will develop a proposal to submit for consideration.  That's how we operate. 

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