Work should be rewarding . . . and Life shouldn't be work!


work shouldn't interfere with life . . .

It's easy to find out how things are going for a leader. Ask them how much time they think about work when they are "not on the clock.". Or, how are they sleeping? Or, how do they feel about going to work?

Do they hem and haw . . . trying to avoid the talking about it. Do they sag, just a bit, revealing how much the responsibility and frustration are weighing on their minds?

When things are good, the leader's good-- they're NOT thinking about work . . . unless it is about the exciting opportunities! They are sleeping well. They are ready to go to work and tackle the next project.

But sometimes, work spills over into life. Maybe it's an employee problem. Maybe it's a project challenging the team to communicate or work differently. Maybe it's a personality clash or conflict. Many situations can cause leaders to spend non-work time deliberating about work issues.

If work is interfering with life, talk to us. There is no cost, no obligation. Sometimes, all that is needed is a little outside perspective, a aptly timed question,  or a new resource. Sometimes you just need to know that what you are doing makes sense.

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A shared experience . . .

My young, internet savvy, IT and marketing specialists continue to tell me that "clicking a button" is a--how do they put it?--a "high barrier" for website visitors. Most won't do it. Well, I disagree. It's not clicking the button, Amazon proves that, it is what clicking the button means. "Is this going to wast my time?" or "Will I get a sale pitch?" You know the fears. It takes courage to get past our own fears. Well, maybe, my internet experts and I are saying the same thing . . . just in different ways?

So let me encourage you . . . We recently heard back from someone who overcame this barrier:

This  leader, called, years after our first contact,  to ask us to work with their organization in merging two teams into one, she told us how our initial consult--a 30 minute phone call-- had helped reinvigorate and set her on the path to looking at the leadership situation differently, "Your questions, made me rethink the whole approach I had been taking. I'm glad I reached out. If that hadn't happened,  I don't know if I'd still be doing this," she concluded. 

You've looked at our "About Us" page, read our organizations page, maybe checked out a blog post or downloaded one or our eBooks . . . hopefully, this has helped you "get to know us" and given you the sense that we just want to help. We do.

So, feel free to ask us your question, review your current challenge, or see if our experience can help you. We'll gladly spend the time to understand and give you a gentle nudge in the right direction. As the old quote goes . . . "the only thing to fear, is fear itself." Connecting with us is as simple as clicking "Get Started!"